Music Manufacturing: Getting Yourself Some Actual Product

Manufacturing your music is just as important as the beats for sale, lyrics, recording equipment and mixing and mastering done on a piece of music.  However, is it even worth it to make physical products in the music business today?  Nowadays it seems most people like to consume their music digitally. And because of that, what I’m about to say next may surprise you.  Once her songs have been completed (recorded, mixed and mastered) you have to get yourself some sort of music products. For you to make money from selling your music you have to have a product to sell.

It’s still important to have some sort of physical product of your music even though it may seem like you only need to digital release. We’ve all heard horror stories about how physical CD sales are at all-time low and just keep dropping, and it may seem like a no-brainer to not manufacture CDs. There something else you need to think about before deciding not manufacture any CDs.  There may be people important to your music career that only accept physical CDs. For instance radio stations and music magazines sometimes may prefer a physical CD. Even though some may accept digital links of your music, some prefer that you send them a physical copy of your CD.  For this reason alone it’s important to get some physical CDs manufactured, because you want to keep yourself as accessible as possible.

Getting an on-demand short run of physical CDs manufactured is the best idea.  Getting a large order of 1000 discs are more is no longer necessary with this type of service.  If you want you can order as little as 50 to 100 CDs.  Only get enough that you need to send out to music reviewers, radio stations and music magazines.  If you perform a live shows you should also have some to hand out there and some for people that you meet on the streets. CDs can be played anywhere, and everybody has the ability to even though MP3s are extremely popular. An MP3 is not a physical object but CD is something that you can hold and feel. And there is something more compelling about listening to a CD you are handed personally, rather than having to go online to download something.  To find local, national and global manufacturers of CDs just use Google.  Disc makers is a company that cheaply manufactures short run CDs.  For about $199 you can get 100 CDs in sleeves with artwork. It is a good investment that will just add to your credibility as an independent music artist. Remember, this is your career. Take it seriously and invest in it.

Get the person who did your mixing and mastering to create MP3 files for you as well. Get different quality versions of these files for the different types of sites you’ll be sending them to. This is always a good idea. You need to versions. One will be a super-high quality file and the other will be a normal quality file. Whenever possible you want to send out a super-high quality file, but some sites and e-mail accounts have file size limits. For these you’ll have to use the lower quality file.  Digital download cards are another option as far as manufacturing goes. This credit card shaped plastic card has a special download code on it, and is a recent development. MP3 files can be downloaded directly to a person’s computer if they go to the website on the card and enter the code. If you don’t want a strictly physical release and you don’t want a strictly digital release, this is a great option.

Beats for sale that you’ve purchased to record songs on should be distributed as both digital files and physical products. This is a business so you want your customers to be able to consume your music anywhere they want.  Your digital product should be ready to go but you should also have some physical product.